DevAlto is specialized in the design and development of web applications / web information systems based on open source technologies and also develops SaaS (Software as a service) solutions. The company offers full-stack development services and relies on a team of highly qualified and dedicated experts: Project managers, IT Analysts, Web architects, Developers and Graphic designers.

We design and develop innovative, intuitive, cutting-edge software products. The majority of our web-based solutions are:

  • Developed keeping 3 important goals in mind: ease of use, performance and security.

  • Developed using the AGILE development methodology.

  • Based on open-source technologies

  • Based on n-tier architecture ensuring stability, scalability, viability.

  • Compliant with international standards

Development of custom web solutions: Whether you need help to create a new product or improve an existing product, we’re ready to serve as your innovation partner.

  • Web application / Web-based information system

  • APIs/Web services (SOAP/REST)

  • Data integration

SaaS (Software as a service) products: In just a few days, these “off-the-shelf” solutions can be up and running. We simply configure the software to fit the client’s context, launch it and host it. The most popular product is LogAlto – a monitoring & evaluation software that relies on the principles of Result-based management (RBM) allowing seamless, transparent and collaborative strategic planning and performance monitoring.

IT professional services: DevAlto also supports its clients at the planning, design, production and training stages.

  • Software design and needs study

  • Feasibility study

  • IT master plan

  • Support to procurement: development of terms of reference and proposals evaluation

  • Training and technical support

Our AGILE project management methodology approach allows us to work in a very collaborative, flexible and efficient manner to ensure that the delivered solution meets functional and technical requirements, from the design stage through full-stack development and implementation.

We understand that each organization and each project is different, so we adapt our development methodology to the client’s context to maximize collaboration and productivity, and ensure project success.

Our clients has access to Test and QA Environments, allowing them to test and validate each developed features as soon as possible.

Since the beginning, we have decided to only work with open-source technologies. Why? Simply because open-source technologies are often more innovative, more accessible, and interoperable. For our clients, it also obviously makes a lot of sense financially and gives more flexibility.

Our developers are experts in the latest open-source frameworks and tools. Some of our favorite technologies are HTML5, PHP, Javascript, Sencha Ext JS, Zend Framework, Doctrine, Symfony, jQuery, Ubuntu and Apache.