Design and development of ADRA Australia's M&E system

Country: Australia + 19 countries

Client: Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Australia


Year: 2014

Main technologies: PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Ext JS, Symfony, Doctrine, Jira, GitHub, Jenkins, PHP Unit, JMeter, iReport, MySQL, Linux Ubuntu, Apache.


ADRA Australia believes «  in a world not only created, but also living in God’s image. A world where people from all genders, ages, races and faiths work together to create positive and just change in their own lives and the lives of their families and communities ». To make this a reality, the Organization creates positive change and improves the quality of life of over 900 000 people through development and emergency management projects in 19 countries and 90 Australian communities.

Given the great number of beneficiaries, projects, locations and stakeholders, ADRA Australia required adequate technological means to support its planning and performance evaluation activities. Thus, the Organization decided to implement a web-based M&E solution to facilitate the evaluation of efficiency and effectiveness, help measure impacts and simplify reporting at HQ and in the field.

DevAlto Technologies was selected to design and develop ADRA Australia’s M&E solution on the Prome Web platform (version 3) and customize it to meet the Organization’s needs. The main features of the IS are:

  • Strategic / performance module (logframes and indicators)
  • Implementation module (projects and activities),
  • Planning module (Concept Notes and Project Proposals),
  • Reporting module (QPR – Quaterly Project Reports),
  • Data table / survey module,
  • Dashboard,
  • Report engine for the production of pivot tables, charts, maps.
Nature of the services provided :

  • Needs study and data collection:
    • Study of ADRA Australia’s resources and practices for planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting,
    • Identify and prioritize functional and technical requirements,
    • Study needs in terms of branding of the system,
    • Inventory of data to be imported and/or configured in the system.
  • Design:
    • Provision of use cases describing the Organization’s business processes and future M&E software,
    • Provision of mock-ups for the various screens/forms/pages as well as report templates,
    • Development of a Relational Data Model (RDM),
    • Development of a Draft Software Design Specifications (SDS).
  • Development:
    • Development of the M&E system based on Prome Web 3,
    • AGILE project management, including daily stand-up meetings, bi-weekly iteration planning and review meetings, tasks management with Jira, consultation with the Client on a regular basis, QA and testing,
    • Preparation of releases,
    • Provision of technical documentation.
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