Design and development of the freight/customs Information System for the Burkina Shippers Council (CBC)

Country: Burkina Faso

Client: Burkina Shippers Council (CBC)

Year: Phase 1 2008, Phase 2 2012

Main technologies:

PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Ext JS, Zend Framework, Jira, Phantom JS, iReport, MySQL, Linux, Clickatell web service (for sending SMS).



The mission of the CBC is to :

  • Assist the shippers in negociating with carriers/transport companies
  • Reduce transport cost and time on its corrdidors
  • Ensure the training of shippers, customs agents, etc. to simplify and harmonize procedures to facilitate the transport of merchandise
  • Manage freight generated by foreign trade
  • Issue transport permits/documents
  • Provide specific or statistical information about transport cost, transport time, road conditions and necessary procedures to its Clients

The goal of SyGestran is to support the last two points of the above list. The main features of SyGestan are :

  • Production of permits/documents : Depending on the type of merchandise (eg : used car), the corridor (Accra to Bamako), the mean of transport (eg : land), the CBC will issue one or many of the following documents : BESC for sea transport, LVIE and DC for land transport, BETF for rail transport, LTA for air transport. At each checkpoint, the document/merchandise is verified and tracked.
  • Production of statistical reports using the AFRISTAT (NOPEMA) merchandise nomenclature, and filtered by type of merchandise, type of document, origin/destination, shipper, etc.
  • Sending SMS to clients (sender,shipper / recipient) indicating the status and location of the transported merchandise

Nature of the services provided :

Phase 1:

  • Pre-development workshop: Business analysis (needs study), System Design Document, preparation of mock-ups and data models
  • Development of SyGestran, the Freight Information System.
  • Project management, QA, testing and preparation of releases
  • Provision of technical documentation
  • Training of IT staff (2 weeks) and CBC executives (2 days)
  • Web hosting (since 2008)

Phase 2:

  • Development of additional features
  • Development of the offline mode
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