Design of a web-based Results Management System (RMS) for UNDP Malawi

Country: Malawi

Client: United Nations Development Programme – Malawi Country Office


Year: 2014


Main technologies:

PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Ext JS, Symfony 2, Doctrine, Jira, GitHub, GreenHopper, Jenkins, PHP Unit, JMeter, iReport, MySQL, Linux. 



The United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) is the business plan of 16 UN agencies, funds and programmes in Malawi for the period from 2012 to 2016. This ‘One plan’ for Malawi supports the achievement of the international development goals, the Millennium Declaration and related Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), national development priorities which are consistent with the MDGs, and the realisation of international human rights in the country, including the right to humanitarian assistance for refugees.

In order to successfully to implement the UNDAF and the corresponding Transformation Plan, and for the entire UN system to be able to interact with stakeholders as well as plan, review and report systematically across the UN agencies, it is essential that the UN has innovative ICT systems and tools in place. With this in mind, the United Nations Country Team (UNCT) in Malawi asked us to implement a web-based Results Management System (RMS). The purpose of this system is to enhance planning and monitoring and hence, increase efficiency and effectiveness of the UNDAF programme.

The RMS is a web-based platform that acts as facility for UN agencies to upload and develop Annual Work Plans relating to the UNDAF as well report against these planned results and targets. Staff is able to enter data monthly/quarterly/yearly which will allow for closer monitoring of progress made towards targets set out in the UNDAF through the generation of graphs and other graphics. The RMS also provides a platform for interval reviews, automatically generating reports which allow reporting of progress against the annual targets and results ascribed in the UNDAF M&E matrix.

Nature of the services provided :

  • Assess the functionality, performance and relevance of existing databases and/or Management Information Systems (MIS) in UN Agencies and identify how they can be aligned to an overall development RMS;
  • Identify gaps across the UN for coordination and collaboration in relation to results;
  • Review agency reporting processes and identify how they can be aligned to RMS;
  • Develop the System Design Specifications (SDS) document
  • Develop the web-based RMS platform. ( + AGILE project managemenst, QA and testing)
  • Provide training handbook and technical documentation
  • Train users
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