Design of a Monitoring and Evaluation Information Management System for the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF)

Country: Zimbabwe


Client: African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF)

Year: 2013-2014


Main technologies:

Not applicable (no development services)



The goal of ACBF’s M&E Information Management System (IMS) is to improve the organizational capabilities, responsiveness and efficiency of its M&E functions at corporate and grantees level. The system is intended to facilitate the collection, collation and reporting of progress of implementation and achievement of results in a real time manner to support evidence based decision making and management. By integrating the organizational, functional and operational information, the system supports evidence based decision making and knowledge sharing both at the Foundation and among grantees.

The assignment was divided into two Phases:

Phase One: Develop and document comprehensive business requirements, delineate critical requirements including scoping of what is to be included or not included in the system to be developed, and provide guidance on available software with budget/ resource requirements.

  • Study and analyze the organizational context, including the Strategic Mid-term plan, and M&E business plans;
  • Develop and document a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental business processes and requirements associated with the ACBF/Grantees M&E architecture;
  • Review and document current M&E capabilities, including existing business processing systems and other organizational resources;
  • Considering international good practice, identify, describe and document the information needs, sources and information flow associated with the various business functions and processes;
  • Develop critical requirement and dependencies in terms of prioritization and User Acceptance Test Cases (UAT);
  • Identify and map out the portfolio of potential information systems for adoption

Phase two: Guide the process of securing and customizing the IMS through to the roll-out and provision of initial implementation support, provide oversight for:

  • Procurement and customization of selected IMS;
  • Development and implementation of training plan;
  • Preparation and roll-out of system both at ACBF and at the level of grantees;
  • Provision of implementation support for testing and systems validation to meet the business requirements.
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